6th International Orchid Workshop | Bialystok 2018

The 6th International Orchid Workshop in Białystok (Poland) is the next scientific event addressed to orchidologists representing various research fields and interested in all aspects of representatives of the Orchidaceae family. The 6th International Orchid Workshop is organized from 28 May to 1 June 2018 in Białystok (NE Poland), the capital of the multicultural Podlasie region, one of the most natural and unique landscapes in Poland or even in Europe.

The aim of the 6th IOW is to provide an overview of recent advances concerning the biology, ecology and evolution of orchids. Knowledge of all of them is essential to plan adequate conservation actions in order to maintain one of the most endangered plant groups. The meeting provides an excellent opportunity to discuss important issues from the perspectives of various specialists, countries or methodological approaches. We hope that the 6th IOW in Poland will not only allow an overview and synthesis of the newest results, but also offer a platform to exchange ideas and give a boost for novel, interdisciplinary research perspectives and cooperation.
The format of IOW6 is a five day meeting, encompassing a couple of sessions and two days of field trips. We will show you some of the valuable protected areas located in the vicinity of Białystok, including: Biebrza National Park, Białowieża National Park and Suwałki Landscape Park (see Field trips section).

During our visits to Parks we plan to show you examples of typical orchids and their habitats. Although Polish orchid flora comprise only 50 species, some of them are unique and possess the highest conservation status in Europe. We hope to see some of them in their habitats, which will certainly be interesting for orchid enthusiasts.
The Organizers